1. The Artist at Work.

  2. Found in an old sketchbook.

  3. Coming soon!

  4. Piggin’ out. (at Hollywood Cemetery)

  5. Doing some digital sketching with this awesome (and free) pastel brush!

  6. Putting it all together.

  7. Are y’all on Behance? Get at me.

  8. Sketchin’

  9. Jamming on some Symphony no. 4. Get thee to the YouTube if you haven’t had the pleasure yet. (at Hollywood Cemetery)

  10. What ails you?

  11. I was so lucky to win a free Skillshare class from The Patternbase on how to make patterns from hand drawn illustrations. Here’s a pattern I call Silica in two different color ways. I still have so much to learn, but this first little project was pretty rewarding!

  12. Hollywood cemetery house

  13. 100 years. 

    (Source: madebymanno)

  14. Friendly reminder.

  15. A crappy gif for a crappy Monday.